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Title: Spots, smoking and the feminine coil.
Post by: giff on 17/01/2005 02:33:21
Ok, i am a 40 yr old women who gave up smoking 6 mths ago. The same week i gave up smoking i had a contraceptive coil fitted. Ever since this time i have had an outbreak of what appear to be teenage spots. These are occurring mostly on my upper back and neck although i have been a little pimply and spotty on my face too.

I think this outbreak must be related to either quitting smoking or the coil simply because of the timing. Would either of these 2 things cause this? It might be helpful to add that i havent changed my diet since i quit smoking. Also i spoke to my Dr. who assured me that i was fitted with a copper coil not a hormone one. He claims that a copper coil could not produce such changes in my body. The coil is much more aggressive than i anticipated so i am not wholly convinced.

This is beginning to drive me mad and 6mths seems to be long time to be continually spotty. I would really appreciate hearing any thoughts anyone has on this matter. Thank-you.
Title: Re: Spots, smoking and the feminine coil.
Post by: chris on 18/01/2005 19:14:02
Congratulations on giving up smoking, that's grea news.

I sympathise with your spot problem.

Why did you have the coil fitted ? Did it replace another form of contraception, and was this the pill ?

People can sometimes get spots when their hormone levels change wildly and indeed some types of contraceptive pill can trigger acne in some women. However, the coil you have is a copper coil, not an IUS, and hence should NOT affect your hormone levels (unless you came off the pill in favour of the coil and your body is now settling down to controlling its own hormones again). Another possibility is PCOS (polycystic ovarian syndrome). Women with polycystic ovaries make more androgens (male hormones) than normal which can make them prone to spots. Are you overweight ? PCOS is much more common in heavier women.

The copper coil does trigger heavier periods than you might be used to, especially if you have been taking the pill previously (which produces lighter than normal periods).

In the absence of any of these causes, a very common cause of spots is stress. Having a coil fitted, which you didn't like, and stopping smoking are stressful. Once the spots have started, fiddling with them spreads the infection and makes them worse. You then get upset about them and feel more stressed. It's a vicious cycle.

I'm sorry I can't offer any definite answers, but if it doesn't clear up with simple remedies I'd be tempted to revisit your doctor for another look and perhaps some blood tests.


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Title: Re: Spots, smoking and the feminine coil.
Post by: qazibasit on 24/01/2005 20:03:14
well chris then tell me how can i gave up smoking.
Title: Re: Spots, smoking and the feminine coil.
Post by: neilep on 24/01/2005 20:16:47
Originally posted by qazibasit

well chris then tell me how can i gave up smoking.

I can tell you how to quit smoking and that's to STOP !!!!!!

ok ?....glad I could help.

Actually, to be honest, most people I know who have successfully quit smoking have done just that...they have quit straight away without weaning off or using patches. I know three people who have done this.....JUST DO it NOW !!

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Title: Re: Spots, smoking and the feminine coil.
Post by: jai on 25/01/2005 12:51:39
that book by Dr Allen Carr 'the easy way to quit smoking' is very good. it helped me and it helped lots of people i know. the only problem is that it makes it so easy to stop that a lot of people start again in a year or so because it is so easy to quit. once you have stopped you really cant have 'just one'. and why would you want to?