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Title: Does Sweat Have An Effect On Skin Complexion ?
Post by: neilep on 27/08/2008 21:20:45
Dear Sweatologists !

This is question 74 in a series of 476 treadmill orientated sweaty questions !

See these girls ?

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Nice eh ?..being delivered....(oh you know what I'm gonna say !!)

Anyway, as ewe can see they are in perspiration heaven !..can ewe blame them ?.....someone mentioned my name and they are now one soupcon away from delirium !

As a sheepy I find that I perspire in great quantities whilst upon my treadmill...and even more so when I'm actually using it too !!  [:D]

It's tres salty !

Is it bad/good/indifferent for my complexion ?..
.....I can't say I have noticed a change in my skin condition since I started to perspire six days a week for 90 minutes !...but I'd like to know !!...cos...well....I am well drenched  !!!

..and I am sure the peeps who also don't know would like to know too !

A Perspiration Infused Tissue will be sent as a kind reward !..ewe can use it on your chips !!

Thanks, with hugs and sweaty shmishes !

Perspiring  Person with Perspicacity

mwah mwah mwah mwah
Title: Does Sweat Have An Effect On Skin Complexion ?
Post by: Andrew K Fletcher on 28/08/2008 07:45:55
Evaporation is what cools the body. We don't need to sweat in order to evaporate water to cool the skin surface. Sweating is when the excretion of water is faster than the evaporation rate.

Humidity is a very important factor here as high humidity prohibits our ability to evaporate water so more salts spill out onto the surface of the skin along with copious amounts of water, even without exercise.

Itís what happens in the skin and vessels once we have evaporated water that I find fascinating. Evaporation from the skin (not sweating) alters the density of the salts and sugars in the body fluids making them heavier so gravity can pull them back from the skins surface and back into the veins nerve and lymph circulation systems where they stimulate an increased flow as gravity drags on these dissolved minerals and protein colloids in the fluids, this in turn causes a dragging effect on the whole circuit.

I have mentioned the important work of Michel Cabanac on numerous occasions and cannot stress enough how his discovery of altered blood flow in the human scalp and brain through heat and evaporation generated by intensive exercise shows this simple yet hitherto ignored flow and return density driven circulation.

Cabanac places a Doppler probe between the eye and the nose showing normal blood flow from the brain out to the skin.  After intensive exercise, the Doppler probe is placed in the exact same spot and now shows blood flow from the skin back to the brain, exactly the opposite flow to the previous recording.

What Cabanac has shown in this exciting experiment is that the flow of blood is flowing back against the pressure driven flow from the heart. There are no valves and no mechanism for this to be explained other than density changes in the bodily fluids.

Thank you for this question and long may you continue to work out on lifeís everlasting treadmill.

Andrew K Fletcher
Title: Does Sweat Have An Effect On Skin Complexion ?
Post by: Karen W. on 28/08/2008 09:06:54

I think sweating is good if only for opening up poors and allowing some of the dirts etc we pick up to be washed away after you exercise.. I have read lots of pros and cons.. but basically that it is good, can remove a tiny amount of toxins but your body will remove more through the liver and kidneys. Exercize helps the body and good nutrition also.. I have read that the sweating can actually remove sub surface dirt etc so if washed away properly afterwards can also help improve complexion... change your pillow case a couple times a week to remove oils etc.. wash face a couple times a day same with body after exercise...

Don't forget that sweat can also calm the female in the  helping her to relax a bit ...I believe its the pheramones that help with this and add to the already alluring attractive ness you may possess! LOL.. Sweat to your hearts content! It can be good for you... It really does little for detoxifying especially heavy metals and such from your body, but exercise promotes better working of the body which should promote regular bowel activity.. and making sure you drink plenty of fluids will help your liver and kidneys to detox also... The sweat portion more so with skin cleansing as long as you follow it with a nice shower and cleaning remembering to take the cooler part of your shower towards the end to close your pours..This is my limited knowledge of the tons of mixed opinions I have read! LOL.. Good luck with it!