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Title: Male Pregnancy ? it real ?
Post by: neilep on 12/02/2005 13:22:50
I know there has been talk over the last fewyears about the potentiality of male pregnancy and then I just found this link

Has anyone else heard of this case or is it an elaborate wind up.


Neil (non preggy)

'Men are the same as women...just inside out !'
Title: Re: Male Pregnancy ? it real ?
Post by: bezoar on 13/02/2005 17:52:33
OK Penile, I checked the site out, wondering where in the world is Dwayne Medical Center.  Check out in the main page, Dr. Lui and open up the part where it says "Subway Follies".  I think the whole thing is a ruse.
Title: Re: Male Pregnancy ? it real ?
Post by: neilep on 13/02/2005 19:43:42
I think you're definitely right there Nursey !!..Thanks to your close examination I searched a little deeper and I also found it listed in a list of Bogus Websites....thanks for helping to clear it up.....I'm ready for my bedbath now..[;)]

'Men are the same as women...just inside out !'
Title: Re: Male Pregnancy ? it real ?
Post by: bezoar on 19/02/2005 06:04:46
Nighty night penile, and don't forget to take your birth control pill!
Title: Re: Male Pregnancy ? it real ?
Post by: johndiver on 19/02/2005 15:35:58
Here are 3 rambling thoughts on the subject:

There is a condition called "ectopic pregnancy" which is where a fertilized egg "gets lost" and attaches somewhere other than the uterus. Often, that other place is one of the fallopian tubes.

In order for a fertilized egg to start its development into a fetus, it must attach to something that can supply it with sufficient blood and nutrition. Once attached to a source of blood, the fertilized egg sends our some hormones that cause the organism to behave in a way beneficial for the implanted egg, eg eat more foods and seek more protection. The immune system is also altered to ensure white blood cells don't attack the embryo as an invader. (from an immune system point of view, the egg has been infected with a pathogen called 'sperm')

I heard that it is possible for an embryo to implant on any nutritious (blood-rich) tissue (e.g. liver) inside a man, where it will start developing into a fetus once the blood supply is secured.
But then, how does a fertilized egg get inside a man in the first place? Only by inserting a fertilized egg through the abdominal wall and hoping it attaches to the blood-rich liver.
Furthermore, how will the unborn child be delivered? Men lack the uterus and birth canal which ensure delivery of a fully-developed baby, so that leaves Caesarian section as a possibility.
Another question: will a man suffer life-threatening injury if a fetus starts growing inside? Probably. In women, the uterus is a muscular organ that "squeezes" the unborn babe out after 270 days. A pregnant man will experience great discomfort as the growing mass will be hanging onto his liver for support (not a good idea) and possibly pinching off his digestive tract and urinary tubes as the weight rests on them. Could become life-threatening.