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Title: What's Chris' favourite tea?
Post by: MartinTheK on 24/01/2009 23:55:28
Martin Kilgore asked the Naked Scientists:
   Recently, while recuperating from my stroke, I heard Dr. Chris poor-mouthing iced tea. In Fresno the summer temperature often exceeds 40 degrees, and iced tea is a necessity of life.

Recently, while travelling through England en route to Killarney, I  noted that the vile liquid sold in stops along the railway (with NO lemon) is referred to a "tea" by the local  inhabitants of Wales and England.

Is this concoction of vile and pestilent humors that which the good Doctor
prefers over a cool refreshing class of iced Darjeeling with a spritz of lemon
or lime juice?

Chin Chin,

Martin Kilgore
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