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Title: Is 'Going Commando' a bad thing?
Post by: Helen Stohlman on 24/01/2009 23:55:28
Helen Stohlman  asked the Naked Scientists:
   Hi Chris,
I hope all you naked ones are enjoying your vacation.  I have a question I have wanted to ask you for a long time, and it seems very appropriate for the Naked Scientists.  Here in Guatemala where I live, Mayan people traditionally don't wear underwear.  This practice is usually seen negatively by non-Mayan people, who often mention pestilence when criticizing the custom of "going commando".  My question is: does underwear, specifically underpants, have any health function or importance?  Does this vary depending on whether you wear pants or a skirt without underpants?  Mayan women wear substantial skirts, while men wear skirts or pants, depending on the exact cultural group.  It seems to me that a little bit of cotton would not do much to prevent any pestilence from invading, and that bathing and clean clothes and homes would be much more important in that area.
Thanks always for my favorite podcast,
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