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Title: position of stars
Post by: qazibasit on 27/05/2005 17:59:57
how can we distinguish b/w different stars is there any standard classification to view the stars  mean any position key coz while looking at the sky every star looks the proxima centauri.
Title: Re: position of stars
Post by: gsmollin on 27/05/2005 18:32:02
There are star catalogs with the positions of stars given my their declination and right ascension. These star catalogs are available as print, in digital catalogs, and even carried inside astronomy programs like "The Sky". Here is a link about star catalogs

There is also at least one star classification system, the H-R system is one, and there are others. here's a link to an explanation:

Actually, there is way too much data on the WWW to even reference, so just Google on "star catalog" to get about 7 million hits, and on "star classification" to get about 2 million hits.