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Title: Discuss: Driving into the Future
Post by: thedoc on 25/06/2009 12:31:47
This week, we look into new ways of putting a tiger in your tank!  We find out how pond life could help make eco-friendly biodiesel and how new types of batteries can power electric cars for further than ever before without running out of juice.  Plus, how Margaret Thatcher’s face can tell us how monkeys recognize each other, what sharks have in common with serial killers and why dolphins are a bit like jet fighters.  And in Kitchen Science, we see how batteries work in Arctic conditions.
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Title: That's not very high mileage?
Post by: nat cousins on 13/07/2009 16:30:02
nat cousins asked the Naked Scientists:

That's not very high mileage!

   Your comment that 40,000 kilometres a year is a lot of driving, maybe in the UK, but here in the states that is equal to 24,000 miles a year, = 461.5 miles a week or about 77 miles per day for 6 days a week. or about a 35 mile trip to work plus short trips to stores.  not much here in the States.

What do you think?
Title: Discuss: Driving into the Future
Post by: Chemistry4me on 14/07/2009 00:38:05
Well the United States (9,161,923* SQ Km) is roughly 37 times larger than the United Kingdom (244,820* SQ Km).

According to