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Title: Do volcanoes cause global warming or global cooling?
Post by: rmrblacksmith on 29/06/2009 02:30:01
Richard_Roberts asked the Naked Scientists:
Hi chris,

Like everyone else I hear dozens of comments daily about co2 causing global warming, or not. 
I am not a scientist, by any stretch, but I do study history.  I have heard that volcanoes release large quantities of co2.  The three biggest events in weather that I know of in history is 535, 1816, and Krakatoa (forgot the date). 

In 535 there were three years of exceptionally cold years, causing major famines around the world.  This was supposed to be a volcano at fault. 

Also 1816 was called "the year without a summer" "poverty year" and (my favourite) 1800 and froze to death. There were reports of a volcano in Tamaria (?) that caused this. 
My comment is that if these eruptions release co2, they caused massive cooling, instead of warming.  So does co2 cause cooling or warming? 

As a small joke, I am a blacksmith, and use coal.  I know that coal releases co2, but I am sweating like a horse.

Richard Roberts

What do you think?
Title: Do volcanoes cause global warming or global cooling?
Post by: Bass on 29/06/2009 05:31:28
A big horse sweat welcome to the Forum...

If you're hoping for a chill wind to stop the stench, hope for large volcanic eruptions.  Volcanoes release CO2, but they also release lots of other stuff- including particulate (ash) and SO2.  Large volcanoes inject ash high into the atmosphere, cooling the earth by blocking the sun's rays for several years.  SO2, which is a coolant, may have an equal or greater effect.  Laki (Iceland) erupted in 1783; Laki is basaltic, which means minor ash but abundant SO2.  Europe and North America experienced several years of severe winter.  Tambora erupted in 1815, creating the year without summer.  Krakatoa (1883) created a cooler year and brilliant red sunsets.  Mt. Pinatubo lowered global temperatures at least 1 degree F in the early 1990's.
Title: Do volcanoes cause global warming or global cooling?
Post by: pakman on 04/07/2009 08:43:37
I heard that volcanos release more CO2 than industry and that man only releases 3 per cent of the total CO2 production in the world.The rest is nature.

Dunno if its true or not just asking....saw it on a documentary that stated that CO2 has nothing to do with global warming.

To my shock i saw something similar on national geographic, the company that makes big money out of global warming.