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Title: wanted: your 2 cents
Post by: benedict on 24/06/2003 17:21:45
Dear Friends,

Hi! I think I made the right choice in choosing this site to search for scientists who are willing to answer basic questions like "What is Science?", and three other likes.

Kindly e-mail me at should you feel like giving your 2 cents worth. All answers will benefit my class in Development Communication 263 (Communication of Scientific & Technical Information).


Ben [:I]
Title: Re: wanted: your 2 cents
Post by: dalya on 11/07/2003 13:09:35
Science is the field where you go to work to appreciate and admire the world around you and indulge your curiosity about it.

Nature is the experience of appreciating and admiring the world whether you are at work or not.
Title: Re: wanted: your 2 cents
Post by: chris on 11/07/2003 13:29:47
Wow - profound Dalya. You really have an artistic side ! How are the reviews going ? I have some more for you now if you are interested !


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Title: Re: wanted: your 2 cents
Post by: dalya on 17/07/2003 17:03:34
Ya Chris, I've got poetic coming out the wazoo, but really my science vs. nature remark was just a factor of disgruntlement at stupid experiments that don't work and being inside on a gorgeous day when I could be hiking some big fat breezy mountain somewhere instead.

Ya, I was going to try to write up that last review this weekend (weather permitting!) and maybe another article.  No pictures, I was going to look for pictures.  But all that notwithstanding, ya books are good.  Are you coming up to Cambridge?  I'll be down to London on Jthe 28th.
Title: Re: wanted: your 2 cents
Post by: Shane on 28/09/2003 11:15:01
Does the concentration of the reactants affect The temperature released? I mean I know there is energy pushed into a bond (say NaOH) sodium hydroxide, and put with Hydrochloric acid (H2Cl) when the bond breaking and bond making takes place, the temperature increases. Why else does it? Is it something like the collision theory or something?

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