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Title: Scientific Personality Assessment
Post by: natekarle on 09/09/2005 16:34:15
Has anyone taken this?


The Human Side of Science: What is the Archetypal Researcher Personality?

Are there some personalities that are better suited than others to a scientific career?  To provide insight into this issue, The Science Advisory Board created the first-ever psychological profile of life science researchers, the Scientific Personality Assessment (

The assessment is meant to help scientists better evaluate their strengths and assets as well as confront the particular challenges they face in their everyday work life. The goal is not to suggest that one personality type is better than another or that having specific character traits will engender more professional success, but rather to encourage people to align their professional aspirations with their own particular blend of expertise and skills. A summary of results based on recent participants has been posted at:
Title: Re: Scientific Personality Assessment
Post by: David Sparkman on 09/09/2005 17:13:42
Just did, Explorer of course lol

Title: Re: Scientific Personality Assessment
Post by: Simmer on 10/09/2005 11:02:46
Hmm, basket-weaver apparently.

I am always a bit dubious about psychological assessements - no-one really knows what makes a good scientist, let alone a great one.  So even if the assessment was able to accurately determine personality traits it would be of little use.

Just a bit of fun, you might say, but suppose it put someone off a scientific career and as a consequence we never discover slood!
Title: Re: Scientific Personality Assessment
Post by: NLJB on 23/09/2005 22:14:45
I took the test apparently I'm a leader...hmmm what will I do with that information...? Another 10 minutes of my life wasted.....

Title: Re: Scientific Personality Assessment
Post by: Ultima on 24/09/2005 13:26:54
That test is poor to say the least. It came out with something completely the opposite of what Iím like [xx(]  (Explorer) heh I do computer science, out spoken and socially aggressive is not exactly my style! I do get bored easily though.

I took a Belbin test once at uni, it said I was a Specialist, Plant, Completer-Finisher [:p] much more like it!

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