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Title: Roger Bacon
Post by: AlphBravo on 04/10/2005 01:57:12
Well before Will of Ockham was:

Bacon, Roger, c.1214–1294. English philosopher and scientist. He was interested in alchemy, the biological and physical sciences, and magic. Many discoveries have been credited to him, including the magnifying lens. He foresaw the extensive use of gunpowder and mechanical cars, boats, and planes. Bacon wrote in Latin and his works include On Mirrors, Metaphysical, and On the Multiplication of Species. He followed the maxim ‘Cease to be ruled by dogmas and authorities; look at the world!’
He was also set about, proving and disproving, the tenants of the “sciences” by using rational means and using a systematic system of notes and experiments to do so. As a result was called the first Scientist.
Maybe, first European scientist, I read a sort of bio on him and was quite fascinated by his life in view of the times in which he lived.
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Title: Re: Roger Bacon
Post by: Ray hinton on 30/01/2006 23:03:50
I,for one am glad that ive been born into an era of discovery like no other,ive been lucky enough to see man walk on the moon,i want to see the first man on mars,ive seen computers go from room sized things to palm sized things,the world is full of brilliant scientific inventions,things that in roger bacons time would have got him burnt at the steak,or some such torture,and we got the nerve to moan when the batteries go in the remote,hip hoorah for science.

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