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Title: Can you ever really conquer Lymes Disease?
Post by: ATremor on 14/01/2010 04:35:42
It seems to be if you're treated fairly early with antibiotics you cure the initial symptoms. Yet there are a lot of people that have recurrent infections or outbreaks whenever stressed or immunocompromised. Those that go longer without treatment seem to have even more recurrent infections. So how does the bacteria lie dormant or how does it evade the immune system? Also, once you are infected can you ever get rid of it? A lot of the tests for Lymes tend to give false negatives due to the small quantity of the organism that can stay in circulation. So can we ever be certain? Thanks
Title: Can you ever really conquer Lymes Disease?
Post by: Jolly- Joliver on 03/04/2011 23:45:02
Better understanding of the actual diease. treating symptoms generally doesnt deal with the causes of those symtoms.

Is the bateria involved. How does it move in the body? How does it replicate? what does it use to feed as it were?

Having looked into it a little.

At first I was thinking of using another bateria to kill them, but I dont think that is possible, I dont think there are baterias that eat other bateria but I could be wrong.

So I think another idea might be to find a bateria that acts in a very similar way to Borrelia, but is not harmful to people and there are lots of baterias that are not harmful, and then introduce that bateria into a person, it would then compete with the Borrelia over the same things, hopefully that could reduce the growth of the borrelia in the body if done in conjunction with an anti-biotic, that might get rid of it.

You give no quater, but also if there was a safe for people bateria that could eat or attack the borrelia then maybe that would work also. I would look at how it moves in the body and try and prevent that as best as possible by some means also.

But I'm not a biologist. I would try a little bit of all the ideas at the same times,  a bateria to compete, a bateria to attack, anti biotics and some other things that would disrupt its life cycle and behaviour in the body.

You don't them in the body then the body has to become a place they don't wanna live.

But I'm not a micro-biologist and I do not know how well those ideas would work or any of the potencial problems they could also cause.

Title: Can you ever really conquer Lymes Disease?
Post by: Farcanal on 20/04/2011 11:52:03
Lyme Disease is bacterial in origin. Treatment with antibiotics in the very early stage will get rid of it completely. The prob. is that often the disease doesn't show up until days or weeks after the bite. By then it's often too late to effectively cure it completely.

The long acting reactions to it are still not clearly understood.