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Title: Why do some people not catch HIV?
Post by: Mlungisi Hlongwane on 09/07/2010 17:30:02
Mlungisi Hlongwane  asked the Naked Scientists:
My name is Sydney and I have been listen to your shows on 702fm with Redi on Fridays and I love your show ( because you always enlighten us with lot of things that puzzle our brains.
The other day on one of the radio stations there was a lady that was being interviewed about the HIV and I got the sense that she knew what she was talking about I would like to have your opinion on what she said just to see if its true.  She was asked what really happen when you find that maybe a wife have HIV and the husband does not and they have sexual intercourse without protection and when ever they go and test things will still be the same (hubby not infected still) for years.
Her answer was the blood cells are like cup/glass if a person have his or her blood cells facing down it is not easy for the virus to enter because the it only comes from the top not the bottom and it stay in your blood for about 2 weeks and it will die after that because it can not find a place to stay. I would like to know if this is possible that it happen like this.
Please assist me on this.
Yours sincerely
Mr M. S Hlongwane

What do you think?
Title: Why do some people not catch HIV?
Post by: Mlungisi on 14/04/2011 12:33:05
my name is Mlungisi Who posted why some people dont get HIV on 09/07/2010 and did not get an answer from you can you please advise on what i had asked. thanks
Title: Why do some people not catch HIV?
Post by: Airthumbs on 14/04/2011 17:01:09
Hi there, I have studied this Retro Virus but I think you should check out these links I have found for you and see what you think.

Link 1, Genetic HIV resistance:

link 2, HIV/AIDS Why some people don't get sick:

I have to say that from what I can understand from your original question it seems like the person who was talking about it did not really have a clue what they were going on about! 

I hope the links help and if they don't then I am sure someone else on this forum will do their best to try and help you with any further questions you might have about this subject.