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Title: Hiya!
Post by: SPDSupport on 13/01/2006 10:13:46
Hi there! Just saying hello and what a nice surprise to find a great site you have here. Particularly nice for me to see you've got forums for cosmology and astronomy..a passion of mine since a kid. I'm off to have a quick nosy in the Palaeontology forum now.. a lesser interest of mine![8D]
Keep up the good work guys, a nice place you have here!
Title: Re: Hiya!
Post by: neilep on 13/01/2006 15:31:54
Hi Babs,

Welcome to the site.

Enjoy yourself and we look forward to your input and contributions...YAYYYY !!

Come everybody...lets all give Babs a nice squishy welcome !!

Men are the same as women.... just inside out !!
Title: Re: Hiya!
Post by: DoctorBeaver on 13/01/2006 22:19:23
Welcome, Babs. I look forward to seeing some very interesting posts from you.
Title: Re: Hiya!
Post by: Solvay_1927 on 14/01/2006 03:14:54
Welcome babs.

Your SPD website is one of the best designed, best laid out, most user-friendly sites I've seen in a long time.  Who did it for you? (Or did you do it yourself?)
Title: Re: Hiya!
Post by: ukmicky on 14/01/2006 03:46:16
Long blonde hair [:p]  hiya darling.....  er ..sorry ...babs... Welcome to the forum ...  Remember be good, or if you can't be good then be ..............[;)][:)]

Michael                 HAPPY NEW YEAR                     (
Title: Re: Hiya!
Post by: SPDSupport on 16/01/2006 09:47:57
LOL thank you for the welcome..[:D]Michael, I have a bad memory at times[}:)]

Thanks for the web site comments Solvay. The site is made by myself from a basic design I found on the Open Source Web Designers site. I have always made my own sites from scratch with html in notepad..but this new one I couldnt be bothered with the html and I was in a rush to update, so just downloaded a basic design and built it up from that using new logos etc. I have written a lot of the articles, page intro's etc, anything not written by me is referenced.

I am pleased you find it easily accessible, sometimes the simpler designs used with some colour co-ordination can be the best.[:D]
Title: Re: Hiya!
Post by: DoctorBeaver on 16/01/2006 21:17:36
I use OSWD templates too. Some of them are great. Especially if know enough about CSS to customise them a bit.
Title: Re: Hiya!
Post by: SPDSupport on 16/01/2006 23:05:39
Best place to find good stuff IMHO. Theres some really good web templates in there. I am self taught in the html dept..and can play around with stuff now which makes web design such a treat and enjoyable. I recently helped an old chap make a crown green bowling of the goodness of my heart..what a kind he was having a nightmare using web page software and no beggar else would help are so limited with that kind of stuff...if you are really serious about design you really should start with pure html and notepad and learn that way...then when you are good enough and feel can use someone elses design and tweak it to what you of both worlds then![8D]
Title: Re: Hiya!
Post by: DoctorBeaver on 17/01/2006 04:29:36
I started with Serif Web Plus but that is really limited. All the pages have to be the same size & in the same directory. Plus it very rarely renders the way it looks on the page - expecially with large text.
I got an HTML editor called Matrix which is quite good but I later discovered another called 1st Page. That's excellent apart from using it's inbuilt browser. Far better to save the file and just load it into Opera, Firefox, IE etc to see if it works x-browser. I've already noticed some quite dodgy rendering differences between Opera & FF. FF seems to add extra lines & I can't see a way of stopping it as it's the first line in <p></p> tags where it happens. Using <br /> doesn't have the same effect and as for <ul>, forget it.
The only way I can think of that might work is adjusting the definition of <p> in the css sheet but that would beed java, I think, & Idon't really want to start messing with that.
I've noticed another difference in the way Opera & FF handle margins too & that's more of a problem as I wanted to do pixel precision <div> tags.
AS for the rendering differences in IE, just don't talk to me about them! [:(!]
I've only been messing with HTML for about 3 months and with CSS for about 2 weeks. I'm certainly finding CSS a lot easier to get to grips with, especially with 1stStyle - the CSS editor for 1stPage. I've tried a few others since, but I still find those 2 the easiest to use.
Title: Re: Hiya!
Post by: Andrew K Fletcher on 17/01/2006 09:07:05
Hello Babs

Welcome and may your words flow from your fingertips.

Trying to get my head around dreamweaver. Think I need to go on a course, its so complicated.

"The explanation requiring the fewest assumptions is most likely to be correct."
K.I.S. "Keep it simple!"
Title: Re: Hiya!
Post by: SPDSupport on 17/01/2006 12:48:38
I just use plain old notepad..write the html..and then use  to tidy the html up for silly errors etc and then validate it and the css in easy peasy!
Title: Re: Hiya!
Post by: SPDSupport on 17/10/2006 17:26:57
Hi everyone..Just doing a quick drive by, havent had much time to post as Ive been really busy with one thing and another..which is shameful, all work and no play makes Jack a dullboygirl ..anyway..i just wanted to hit you with our new message board for professionals who support children with SPD.. If theres any of you professional guys and girls interested in Social Communication Disorders and helping me to get the forum off the ground, your natter/passing on of URL would be most appreciated.

Heres the addy..

Thanks.. off to make tea now...and pour a large one..think Ive earnt it ..spent a few hours on the computer today, brain is fried!.

Will try and catch up on here later.
Hope you dont mind the shameful advertising..but we arent in thats OK[:D][}:)][:D]

Title: Re: Hiya!
Post by: SPDSupport on 17/10/2006 17:29:35
145 topics since my last visit!! Some catching up Ive got to do!! LOL[:I]
Title: Re: Hiya!
Post by: tony6789 on 24/10/2006 16:21:53
ya it happens

NEVER! underestimate youth