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Title: biodynamic cheese
Post by: charlesdrex on 23/01/2006 02:07:30
Do you have any idea about biodynamic cheese that tells a story in milk provides foods that are safe and natural, just like God intended.... that you can feel the unique cheese in every bite of cheese... unlike the homogenized, mass-produced cheese available in the supermarket.

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Title: Re: biodynamic cheese
Post by: daveshorts on 24/01/2006 09:50:45
In an appropriate belief system I can see how mucking around with apples say is making them not as how god intended, but cheese is intrinsically a processed material, and I don't see how homogenisation is intrinsically any different to any other process in cheese production.

Possibly biodynamic cheese is great stuff, I just don't quite see why if god intended man to invent the cream removal, fermentation, and other processes that go to making cheese he didn't intend us to invent homoginisation and pasturisation.