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Title: Is it possible to mix human an animal genes to give super abilities?
Post by: Justin Chamblee on 28/07/2015 18:52:11
Justin Chamblee  asked the Naked Scientists:
Title: Is it possible to mix human an animal genes to give super abilities?
Post by: CliffordK on 14/12/2010 14:26:02
Results from any kind of hybrid experiment would be very unpredictable.

Apparently there have been unsuccessful attempts in the past to produce Human / (Ape,Chimp) Hybrids.  It appears as if most of the work is a century old, and prior to Watson&Crick's work on DNA.  It appears as if the attempts included natural fertilization of eggs.

New in vitro fertilization methods including direct chromosomal injection might prove more successful in making a hybrid. 

However, doing such an experiment would be highly controversial. 

Human/primate chromosomes are different enough (including different numbers of chromosomes) that it is unlikely that a second generation offspring would be viable even if first generation hybrids could be made.

As far as "engineering" human genes, I don't think we are anywhere close to doing that.  It certainly would involve some very complex decisions.

There have been efforts to express human antigens on pork organs and otherwise use genetics to prevent organ transplant rejection.

Anyway, "Splice" isn't coming for a while.

There is also theoretical research on potentially mapping and reassembling either Mammoth genes, or Neanderthal genes.  The genomes will likely be mapped in the near future.  It is probably several years before full chromosomes can be assembled.  Will there be an attempt to breed them?  What info will be gained by comparing their genes with elephants or humans respectively?
Title: Is it possible to mix human an animal genes to give super abilities?
Post by: mpt-matthew on 12/01/2011 23:53:47
It probably is possible.
We can modify many animals (humans are animals by the way) using certain genes from other animals plants etc.

The genetic code is universal, so if you put the right bit in the right place you could theoretically allow a human to exhibit those traits.

Lots of trials would need to be done, it wouldn't be simple, and be very immoral.
Title: Re: Is it possible to mix human an animal genes to give super abilities?
Post by: Avedis on 21/10/2015 18:38:28
Well, to be honest, it may not happen with the technology we have on the market right now. However, it is rumored that the technology does exist somewhere in Area 51 and is heavily classified. Also, it is plausible that it will happen but it is a matter of willpower. You never know; mankind is possible of anything, like come on, we landed on the moon and we have found liquid water on the surface of Mars. If aliens can travel through stars at blistering speeds, then anything can be done.
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Post by: Brian McNellis on 14/08/2016 19:51:52
We have successfully created superior vision in Homosapiens using genes from the Duckhawk.
The results 2 seperate 7 year old children has resulted in being able to read newspaper print from mile away with no negative side effects. Work is done in international waters to avoid legal issues. We have a long list of superior genetics to obtain from the planetary gene pool.