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Title: How can we increase melanocyte activity?
Post by: Justin88 on 27/12/2010 10:41:19
Many of you might of heard of melanotan injectables increasing melanocytes which leads to both hair and skin darkening.
Of course many of us donít like the idea of needles and cooling the stuff all the time. So Iíve been looking for alternatives in regards to hair and skin darkening  ( not dyes or sunless tanners) but a darkening that comes from within so you donít have the roots growing out problem anymore which would be great for redheads for instance
Some of the patents are online and some even come with formulas:

I was wondering if somebody could look into those patents and see what would be best to formulate them ( or one of them). As a private person itís not easy to contact the patent holders of formulators.
I believe in this and guess itís promising, so all tips are welcome

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Title: Re: How can we increase melanocyte activity?
Post by: CliffordK on 28/12/2010 02:20:16
The studies you have referenced seem to have been done in skin cultures, pigs, mice, & etc.  I don't see any notes indicating that they have been used in human trials.

Now, I don't know how the FDA deals with cosmetics.  But, these are much more complex than lipstick, for example.  I.E.  They have active ingredients changing your body.

Unless you are dealing with some kind of extreme medical issue such as Vitiligo, I would not encourage trying to circumvent the standard medical testing procedures.  If you do have Vitiligo, and it is a serious issue, perhaps contact some of the professors/institutions and ask if they would include you in the human trials, should they come up.  However, I think Vitiligo is an autoimmune disorder, and probably would not be improved by the above treatments.

There seem to be two methods for increasing pigmentation that seem to be discussed.  Increasing the number of Melanocytes (as done in the cell cultures, first study). 
Increasing the Melanin Production (I think some of the other studies were doing this, presumably).

Keep in mind, the most serious type of skin cancer involves an overgrowth of the Melanocytes.  Before taking any cosmetic treatment that claimed to stimulate melanocyte growth, I would carefully look at the melanoma risk assessment.

As far as number  of Melanocytes and skin color...  see:
The difference in skin color between individuals is not as a result of different number of melanocytes in whites compared to black but is as a result of melanocytes level of activity. White people have higher concentration of enzymes that suppress the production of melanin from the melanocytes (cells that produce melanin, which is the pigment that causes dark color of the skin)

So, to darken skin, I'd seek out treatments that target the melanin inhibitors, rather than targeting the melanocyte growth and reproduction.
Title: Re: How can we increase melanocyte activity?
Post by: Justin88 on 28/12/2010 11:01:24
Thanks a lot, Cliffordk

I guess the topic title wasn't the right one. Should be increasing melanin.
Where I live there's a history of skin cancer and apart from that, there is the cosmetic issue too.
People have been experimenting with melanotan for years and what they noticed was a darker hair growth and the ability to tan very fast without getting burnt. Of course that method requires injections and from what I have read in some of the patents they're working on alternatives, some even put a formula on their patent page.
Out of those melanin increasing patents, I want to find out what the most effective one could be to do a trial myself.
Title: Re: How can we increase melanocyte activity?
Post by: Justin88 on 04/01/2011 19:01:53
PS I found a very good patent on this issue:

It's very recent and I don't think J & J is more likely to have a good product in their pipeline:

another one from J & J:


hopefully someone can help me further, thanks already