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Title: Making up for lack of sleep
Post by: FuzzyUK on 12/03/2006 19:38:12
If one is deprived of hours of sleep over a long period of time (drugs like MAOI's which are little used today seem to induce that effect) does the body 'remember' this and have to make up for it at some time?

A friend of mine said he slept for ages after weeks of sleep deprivation and it took several months to recover.

Title: Re: Making up for lack of sleep
Post by: neilep on 12/03/2006 20:21:25
There are many conflicting reports. Some say that you would only need the sleep that you would normally have, after sleep deprivation. That fit's with my profile, and then there are reports like your friends. It seems there's no hard and fast rule and that it's really down to personal physiology.

Of course you know the way to find out don't you ?...just stay up all night and see how much sleep you get the following evening. Though only do this when you have a free day after your sleep deprived night.

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Title: Re: Making up for lack of sleep
Post by: DoctorBeaver on 13/03/2006 23:52:29
I've stayed up all night many times for different reasons. SOmetimes it has no effect on me, sometimes just 1 decent night's sleep is sufficient, and on occasions it has taken a few nights to get back to normal. I don't know if bio-rhythms have anything to do with it.
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Title: Re: Making up for lack of sleep
Post by: neilep on 14/03/2006 08:17:55
As a firm believer in empirical study I have found myself still up since Sunday. Unfortunately my research will not aid FuzzyUK because I know what will happen tonight for me.

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