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Title: ?What is the sun doing?
Post by: katesisco on 16/05/2011 18:02:26
T Joseph says the sun is going crazy.  Maybe.
Several sites Discovery News, Helium, have articles relating to the interconnectedness of the radio active decay rates and the quantum world. Perdue nuclear engineer J Jenkins had a drop in the decay rate of manganese-54 a day before a sun flare.  I always suspected the table-top fusion experiment was connected to the sun and the water being used.  D Bohm called this level the Implicate Order.  The Ancient Egyptians called it Maat, order, harmony & truth.  I call it late to the party. 
Title: ?What is the sun doing?
Post by: Geezer on 16/05/2011 18:50:52
I'm a bit unclear what your theory is here. Or should this be in "Just Chat"?
Title: ?What is the sun doing?
Post by: imatfaal on 16/05/2011 21:18:09
There have been claims that the sun emits an, as yet unknown, particle that is affecting decay rates of various elements.  At present it seems much of the argument is anecdotal (admittedly anecdotal by Stanford and Purdue Profs).  There has been a little hoohah about this in the popular scientific press - as of yet I don't think any of the results have been replicated - although the people making the claims are no cranks.  The academics (as opposed to journoes) are mostly couching their argument in terms of, something weird might be happening and a bit more research is necessary. Here are a few links to the pop-sci articles:

There is an academic paper here
Recently, Jenkins, et al. have reported the detection of correlations between fluctuations in nuclear decay rates and Earth-Sun distance, which suggest that nuclear decay rates can be affected by solar activity. In this paper, we report the detection of a significant decrease in the decay of 54Mn during the solar flare of 13 December 2006
Title: ?What is the sun doing?
Post by: CPT ArkAngel on 17/05/2011 09:45:21
According to my theory, the nuclear force is the gravitational force accentuated by exchange of virtual particles. So, neutrinos should affect decay rates as any particles having a mass. The relative sizes of the interacting particles should also be important. Neutrinos must be quite large compared to any other type of particles.
Title: ?What is the sun doing?
Post by: CliffordK on 19/05/2011 05:56:55
If this is solar particle mediated, then there should be a strong day/night effect.

I didn't see anything in the article discussing background radiation.  Certainly I would set an identical detector nearby to continually assess background radiation.  I.E. is the decay rate in the sample varying, or is the background radiation varying.

Have they repeated the experiment in a Lead Vault?  Battleship Steel Vault?
Title: ?What is the sun doing?
Post by: CPT ArkAngel on 19/05/2011 07:32:41
They are more talking about neutrinos increasing decay rate. Neutrinos pass through ordinary matter, only gravity can slow them down or accelerate them. That is exactly why they increase particles decay rate (according to me). Ordinary matter is stopped by the electromagnetic field of ordinary particles, so they can't modified decay rate as much as neutrinos. Day or night, neutrinos pass through the earth, so the time of the day is not an important factor. There is always a large quantity of neutrinos coming from the sun.

They discover a very good way to find the presence of Dark Matter...
Title: ?What is the sun doing?
Post by: imatfaal on 19/05/2011 10:57:43
Yep as CPT points out the leading candidate is the neutrino - and (barring CPT's thoughts) there are scarce ideas of how something as uninteractive as the neutrino can mediate radioactive decay.  As I said above this is not reached the stage of proper controlled and repeatable experiments - but the two writers were both Profs of Nuclear physics (and this isn't an argument from authority before anyone jumps on me) so I hope you can assume they took care of most of the more obvious contaminants to the data stream.
Title: ?What is the sun doing?
Post by: yor_on on 22/06/2011 19:12:55
It makes me think of those magnetic conduits created between Earth and the sun.