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Title: speed reading
Post by: elegantlywasted on 19/04/2006 03:32:27
what do you guys think about it? I've read some articles saying it cant be done and reading quickly has no advantage, it is actually a disadvantage. Yet in high school one of my teachers was a big supporter of it, he even had someone come in to teach the class how (of course i skipped that day, wish i hadnt).

I was just curious as to the opinions out there, or if anyone can or is a supporter of speed reading; or the opposite.

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Title: Re: speed reading
Post by: daveshorts on 19/04/2006 09:45:54
I don't think that you can absorb as much as you would reading slowly, but that is not to say it isn't useful. My PhD supervisor was increadable - he can read a scientific paper in about 20 seconds and come out with all the important bits. He often didn't pick up the subtleties, but that isn't to say it isn't extremely useful to  be able to do this.
Title: Re: speed reading
Post by: another_someone on 19/04/2006 12:33:55
It is getting embarrassing, I keep agreeing with Dave, and I'm not used to agreeing with p[eople [:D]

My mother is good at speed reading, but then after I have read the same thing that she has read, I will then point out all the caveats that she had skimmed over.

But then, I suppose this is also my general approach to life, never leave any stone unturned, even if it takes an eternity to get there.

Title: Re: speed reading
Post by: Hadrian on 19/04/2006 14:51:57
I have to agree whit you both too. Take it from one who came to reading late in life there are no short cuts if you really want to know a thing.  Yes you can pick up the big things by skimming but it like judging wine while it still in the bottle.  There is a clever show which is still doing the rounds it called something complete works of Shakespeare in one show. It got all the plots and some of the best lines but its not Shakespeare. Imagine speed reading Joyce?

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Title: Re: speed reading
Post by: DoctorBeaver on 19/04/2006 23:17:54
I use speed reading to skim through pages to see if there's anything particularly interesting contained therein. If there is, I go back & digest it properly. It can also be a useful technique for picking out salient points from prose.

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Title: Re: speed reading
Post by: moonfire on 04/06/2006 20:22:53
I used to speed read when in the gifted classes and then they would test our comprehension levels...I used to read a little over a thousand words per minute, but do not force myself to read that fast anymore as it doesn't make sense anymore and for what purpose?  Yes, your eyes will skim over what appears to be nonimportant information and leave out contractractions as your brain fills it in automatically, but you pick up more nouns...I do not miss those

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