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Title: Weight Loss Problem
Post by: Michal on 21/04/2006 21:12:47
Most people today are appearance motivated to lose weight.Weight control is a strategy that is adopted as a preventive life style.Every one is looking for the miracle tablet that will help him and her lose weight.Weight loss is not easy today with our life styles but you lose I have also weight loss problem  ( i am so much depress for this reason.I am used Corti-Cut this is amazing products with in few days i am loss my weight.

Title: Re: Weight Loss Problem
Post by: Karen W. on 26/04/2006 05:03:13
Michal, You might like to join us in the zetacap thread, we are all trying to loose weight there. You will be very welcome! go to top of this page hit complimentry medicine. Then when it opens up,you will see zetacap thread. Come to page 13 or start reading from the beginning and get to know us. we would love to be along side of you as you work on your goal.I have been losing weight using the zetacap since october 26, 2005. It has been  6months. I started at 351 Lbs and have lost 78 Lbs. I am very excited, but as you sayIt is still not easy even with all the diet aides out there. There comes alot of changes in lifestyle along with mental changes in eating habits. Good luck and I hope you come and join us in the Zetacap thread.
  Karen W.
Title: Weight Loss Problem
Post by: Reilly on 11/10/2011 11:41:10
Nice sharing.
Maybe these products are very effective for weight loss
but i had lost my 32 lbs weight by exercise. I think if you
do that instead of any medicine then you could burn your weight.