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Title: Why did thalidomide cause birth defects?
Post by: thedoc on 30/08/2011 16:27:41
Itís 50 years this year since the drug thalidomide was withdrawn from sale after it was linked to birth defects but Neil Vargesson has been trying to find out how it works in order to produce a safer version...
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Title: None
Post by: Good article on 29/03/2012 10:40:13
Every year in the United States, approximately 150,000 babies are born with structural, functional, or metabolic birth defects. Birth defects are congenital conditions or abnormalities that are present at birth, which may have been caused by certain genetic or environmental (non-genetic) risk factors.

While almost 60 percent of all birth defects have an undetermined cause, genetic and environmental risk factors such as teratogenic drugs and medications including thalidomide have been known to cause serious and sometimes fatal birth defects.

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