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Title: Can your IQ change?
Post by: thedoc on 02/11/2011 17:15:34
IQ – a measure of a person’s general intellectual ability - is not fixed as we first thought, but instead changes as we grow and develop, new research has shown

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Title: Can your IQ change?
Post by: cheryl j on 01/11/2011 16:23:19
They used to think IQ and physical brain development was relatively fixed after a certain age, (or at least, it wasn't going to get any better) but now there's studies showing it isn't fixed. One study involved before and after brain scans on people who learned to read late in life (after middle age) and the scans showed structural changes.
Title: Can your IQ change?
Post by: diverjohn on 02/11/2011 00:06:51
I think one may score higher on an IQ test after taking a semester in logic or mathematics.
One of my psych professors criticized the dependability of IQ tests by asserting that trying to write an IQ test while suffering a headache would give a lower score, while taking the test after several cups of coffee could boost your score.
Ideally, one would take several tests to ensure a good average were measured.