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Title: Can meat stuck between teeth cause cavities?
Post by: CZARCAR on 15/12/2011 17:25:17
Can meat stuck between teeth cause cavities?
Title: ?does meat stuck betwwen teeth necessarily resut in cavities?
Post by: CliffordK on 15/12/2011 18:17:02
One can get cavities both on the occlusal surface of the teeth, as well as between the teeth.

The cavities on the occlusal surface would likely be unrelated to flossing or what is between the teeth.

It seems to me that past dental work makes it more likely that stuff will get stuck between my teeth, and it often is meat as you mentioned.  I guess the question is how much was getting stuck before the first cavity between the teeth.

If not promptly removed, one can taste the meat decaying which would seem to indicate to me that it puts oneself at risk of further decay in the teeth.

There was a discussion earlier indicating that cavities seem to be getting worse in the last 2000 years, than what occurred in ancient history as noted in fossils and ancient teeth.  The question then would be what has changed.  Certainly more longevity in life, on average.  Indications are that human teeth have evolved for the last few million years to include chewing meat, so just eating meat is unlikely the issue. 

Better agriculture may be bringing sweeter fruits, and more starchy meals which could be related to the apparent increase in cavities.