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Title: Do temperature and pressure affect hourglass accuracy?
Post by: thedoc on 29/04/2012 11:36:01
Adrian  asked the Naked Scientists:
Dear Naked Scientists,

Although my curiosity was impeded in the last year or so by daily things, I am still listening to your shows ( and question myself about the world.

For example I was in a sauna not long ago, where there was an hourglass. Of course, the next thing that came to my mind was how precise it was (not that I'm asking you this) and what would the time difference be (measured by the hourglass) if you buy an hourglass at the sea level and you move on the top of Himalaya? What if you buy one made on top of Himalaya (to measure one hour) and go to the bottom of the deepest ocean?



What do you think?