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Title: How is this Garage Science demo set up?
Post by: thedoc on 17/09/2012 19:30:01
David Martinuk  asked the Naked Scientists:
Hi Chris how are you doing today?

I stumbled across your site and saw the paper levitation video at this address:

...and wondered what your set up was like.  I've seen acoustic levitation chambers and plan on building one sooner or later but found what you stumbled upon pretty interesting.What was the name of the audio generator you were using and were you using the one speaker to the left that I can see or was there a second one that you had hovering over the wine glass, or was that a microphone?  I also notice you had a bnc connector coming out of the audio generator and was wonderinghow you had that hooked up to the speaker.

Any info would be great and thanks for your time, David

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