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" "It will be a bit like Harry Potter in the universe, about science, no magic," Hawking told reporters in Hong Kong during his six-day visit. "
" The historian of science and mathematician Truesdell made a detailed study of the historical development of thermodynamics....He characterises the theory, even in its present state, as 'a dismal swamp of obscurity'....and 'a prime example to show that physicists are not exempt from the madness of crowds' "
" Einstein restored faith in the unintelligibility of science. Everyone knew that Einstein had done something important in 1905 (and again in 1915) but almost nobody could tell you exactly what it was. When Einstein was interviewed for a Dutch newspaper in 1921, he attributed his mass appeal to the mystery of his work for the ordinary person: "Does it make a silly impression on me, here and yonder, about my theories of which they cannot understand a word? I think it is funny and also interesting to observe. I am sure that it is the mystery of non-understanding that appeals to impresses them, it has the colour and the appeal of the mysterious. "
" I expect that the scientists of the future will consider the dominant abstract physics theories of our time in much the same light as we now consider the Medieval theories of how many angels can dance on the head of a pin or that the Earth stands still and the Universe moves around it. "
" A Crisis in Fundamental Physics
Then, about 30 years ago, something changed. The last time there was a definitive advance in our knowledge of fundamental physics was the construction ofthe theory we call the standard model of particle physics in 1973. The last time a fundamental theory was proposed that has since gotten any support from experiment was a theory about the very early universe called inflation, which was proposed in 1981. "

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