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Title: Can you go directly into REM sleep?
Post by: adamg on 27/06/2006 07:29:31
I just finished reading Saving Cascadia by John Nance, (a terrific book by the way that deals with the Cascadia Subduction Zone of the West Coast of America and the devestating effects of an earthquake and Tsunamai) and it contained a mention of self hypnosis inducing instant REM sleep. It also claimed that REM sleep is all one needs to function.

Is this true? Could REM sleep be induced by hypnosis? And if you could, would only 2-3 hours/night be sufficient to keep a person healthy and functional?

As someone who is hoping to go to medical school in a few years, I am interested in anything that could give me an edge in terms of studying. Could this be it? Or is this just Pseduo-Scientific quakery?

Adam Andrew Galas
Title: Re: Can you go directly into REM sleep?
Post by: moonfire on 27/06/2006 10:35:27
Boy, I don't need to get hypnosis for that amount of sleep...i do that now naturally!

"Lo" Loretta