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Title: Why Do Weather Patterns On The Earth Constantly Show Large Prints Of The Moon?
Post by: MOON TRUTH on 31/05/2013 10:41:19
I'm talking about weather patterns over the earth that show near perfect prints of the lunar surface. Schrodinger crater appears constantly, and all over the earth. Here is one place where you don't even need the weather to show you, the Great Slave Lake in Canada. Go ahead and find the best image of Schrodinger you can, then flip it over, then overlay it over the GSL. I am wondering why, if the Schrodinger crater didn't hit there, that it fits so well? That is far from the only place it fits. The weather points it out constantly, in several locations. So when I see this weather pattern, I then align Schrodinger to this pattern, then remove the weather so that I can see how it fits with the earth, every time! It doesn't just kinda fit, it's perfect match, except it's about 5 times the size it is on the moon. All I can say, is that if that crater did not hit these locations, then this image of Schrodinger is a fraud, all images of Schrodinger fit. Then you can proceed to add the rest of the south pole of the moon. I have confirmed this hundreds of times. Another question I have is, what about when the poles on the earth reverse as they have in the past, does physics still hold true, as we know it today, or does it all go right out the window? You see I just wonder why i continuously see these patterns on the earth, that absolutely match the patterns on the moon's surface, and they are consistently the same scale, about 5x bigger? Why is it that I can actually rebuild the earth's continents using these lunar images at 5x the actual? size? Like the way it showed me how to place NA over the Sahara, and Europe, where I can see the land matches. When I turn on the weather for the Sahara, and Europe, the weather also fits the NA continent that I aligned over the top. Not just at that time, but everyday for months, that weather will fit that NA picture perfectly like it was NA weather, everyday! I used an alignment of the moon over NA that fit perfectly, and also using that same area of the moon where it fits perfectly in the Sahara, I was able to place NA in the Sahara. This is just one example of many. Then if you take Australia and drag it up to Asia, aligning the east coast of Aus. to the Himalayas, you can clearly see that both pieces of land were created in the same place. Then turn on the weather, and whala, you see ancient Australian weather in Central Asia. That's not all you will see? You will also start to see the shape of a very large impact. Look! I've been doing this everyday now for quite some time, I know what I am seeing, so if it didn't happen, why in the hell is it so obvious? Are the NASA lunar images fake, or real? If you choose real, then I guess the earth's surface must be fake? Because what I am seeing is absolutely there! I am to the point of being burnt out on this subject, it's so there! There is nothing more I need to see, it's so there. So as far as physics go, and this being impossible, I'm going to say, I guess it breaks the laws of physics, it's so there! At least the Japanese know, and share it with their people in their own way. Here we just keep on denying it? You come on over to my place, and I will show you a thing or two, that nobody could deny, then I will show you about 30 more things, seriously! Science is so far from the truth on this subject, It so disappoints me. Open, open, open your eyes, try what I say, just take a look. If I can do it, almost anybody can. There is no conspiracy theory to it, I am just using what scientist have given us to use. That's not true, actually using common sense, which science completely lacks. :)
Title: Re: Why Do Weather Patterns On The Earth Constantly Show Large Prints Of The Moon?
Post by: RD on 31/05/2013 13:27:11
Why Do Weather Patterns On The Earth Constantly Show ...

How can cloud patterns, which are ever-changing , constantly resemble anything when they are not constant ?

Apophenia ( could explain why you see a constant pattern in inconstant weather.   

Self similarity ( explains why different geographic features on Earth can resemble each other, and features on other planets, if the scale is adjusted.

As you've been telling us this for almost a year ( it's not so much a "New Theory",
 it's more like a reason to seek professional help