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Title: light saber/plasma rifle
Post by: ScientificSorcerer on 15/10/2013 19:39:57
the Idea comes from a infrared laser produced plasma system then using that positive plasma as a track for high voltage to follow.

I started out with a strong infrared laser, I connected it to an optical oscillator to get a pulsed laser then fed the laser through 2 lenses, a concave lens to spread out the beam then a convex lens to focus the beam in on it's self, at the intersect/x-point I got a luminous plasma orb. because at that point the laser was focused into just a few nanometers and became quite strong at that tiny point.  the way it works is that the beam at that point is so focused that it makes the air so hot at that point that it turns the air into plasma.

I used a small tesla coil and put it close to the laser produced plasma and the lightning from the tesla coil was strongly attracted to the positive plasma orb. This is as far as I got with the experiment but from the results of this experiment I came up with 3 potential weapons of the future which could possibly become possible from this experiment.

1 lightning blaster.
This idea is designed to make a very thin straight pulsed laser beam and make a thin line of plasma in the air. Then get high voltage to travel along the laser to a target as if the laser was a wire.

2 plasma bolt blaster
when you change the distance between the convex and concave lenses you change the focus point (were the plasma orb will be) by mounting the concave lens on a spring loaded track and releasing the spring so that the concave lens flies towards the convex lens then the plasma orb will fly through the air with a short range capability. "plasma bolt blaster"

3 light saber
the light saber idea is a mix between the 2 weapons I mentioned above, basically you get the pulsed laser and mount a concave lens on a short track, the concave lens would have a neodymium magnet frame  and an ac magnet coil would vibrate the Nd magnet back and forth on the track, quickly changing the focus point between it and a convex lens, back and forth because of this effect the plama orb will go up and down at high speed, appearing to be a holographic line, then you could pass high voltage into it to get the light saber effect.

And yes I have heard of those Japanese holograms which basically use the same effect