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Title: List of journal articles of interest
Post by: Pmb on 21/10/2013 15:02:36
I've compiled a list of journal articles which I've found of interest and have placed it online for all to read. It's at

A large number of topics that we discuss here can be found in that list. Others are about things that people here haven't posted on and might enjoy reading about, e.g.

Radiation from an Accelerated Charge and the Principle of Equivalence by A. Kovetz and G.E. Tauber, Am. J. Phys., 37(4), Apr. (1969). The abstract reads
The connection between an accelerated charge and one at rest in a (weak) gravitational field is discussed in accordance with the principle of equivalence. For that purpose, the fields produced by a freely falling charge and a supported one (i.e., at rest in a gravitational field) are transformed to the rest-frame of the observer, who may be similarly supported or freely falling. A nonvanishing energy flux is found only if the charge is freely falling and the observer supported, or vice versa. This agrees with previously established results.
This article talks about whether a falling charged particle in a gravitational field should radiate energy! That's a cool question when you think about it. :)

There is more on this at

Classical Radiation from a Uniformly Accelerated Charge, Thomas Fulton, Fritz Rohrlich, Annals of Physics: 9, 499-517 (1960)

Radiation Damping in a Gravitational Field, Bryce S. DeWitt, Robert W. Brehme, Annals of Physics: 9, 220-259 (1960)

Principle of Equivalence, F. Rohrlich, Annals of Physics: 22, 169-191, (1963), page 173

Radiation from a Uniformly Accelerated Charge, David G. Boulware, Annals of Physics: 124, 169-188 (1980)

The journal list contains a link to the journal's website and in most cases has the abstract available. I have all of these articles so if anyone wishes to read one of them please let me know. I hope some of you find this list useful.
Title: Re: List of journal articles of interest
Post by: distimpson on 26/10/2013 12:33:38
Very useful, stumbled on this topic a few weeks ago, still trying to sort it out in my head. Thank you for the links.

This is not well phrased but I'll blurt it out in hopes of clarification, one thing that has always bothered me about the Principle of Equivalence, if a particle is sitting on Earth accelerated at g, or in a box accelerated at g, in the first case v=0, in the second v will approach c with all the relativistic consequences thereof. Doesn't seem equivalent at least in the colloquial sense, I'm guessing reference frames are the key to my dilemma? Somewhat related to radiation from a uniformly accelerated charged particle, guess that is how I came upon the first topic. help.
Title: Re: List of journal articles of interest
Post by: distimpson on 28/10/2013 13:50:04
This is the link I was studying:Does A Uniformly Accelerating Charge Radiate? (

From this material I was under the impression it was still an open question.