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Title: What is an alloy?
Post by: thedoc on 23/09/2016 17:34:28
A lot of the metals we use every day, from car wheels to cutlery, are made from alloys. In this Naked Science Scrapbook we find out how alloys are made and how we change their properties to suit our needs. Plus we discover why alloys have a vital role to play when we fly off on holiday...
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Title: Re: Discuss: What is an Alloy?
Post by: lucas2 on 25/11/2013 07:22:00
Alloy is a substance having metallic properties of two or more metals and non-metallic synthesized by a certain method. Generally through melting and solidification derived synthetic liquid evenly.
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Post by: Innes Easton on 19/02/2014 20:55:08
Very helpful, thank you.