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Title: .rtf on tablet?
Post by: Donnah on 19/01/2014 23:10:17
I have a lengthy document on my iMac in .rtf format.  I would like to be able to work on it on my Samsung Galaxy 3 tablet (which I am not yet familiar with) but it does not support .rtf format.  Any suggestions?
Title: Re: .rtf on tablet?
Post by: CliffordK on 19/01/2014 23:36:21
I'm seeing notes that Kingsoft Office ( works on the Galaxy, and supports multiple file formats. 

According to this page (, it supports MS Word DOC files as well as RTF formats.  And, of course, TXT files. 

I haven't personally used the phone or the program mentioned, so I can't vouch for the ease of use.  I'd imagine it would be difficult to edit a large file on a cell phone.

I would think you should be able to use the phone to transfer large files like a flash drive if you desired. 

I don't really use all the capabilities of the modern cell phones.  In the past, there were conversion utilities that could be used with pocket PC's to do data transfer and file conversion.
Title: Re: .rtf on tablet?
Post by: syhprum on 21/01/2014 07:47:24
I have a simple cell phone that has a facility to dump to a PC via Bluetooth, I find this a great work of art and usually take about four attempts.
Title: Re: .rtf on tablet?
Post by: nicephotog on 02/03/2014 03:15:09
or Google Docs