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Title: How to Buy Toys for Kids?
Post by: karven on 13/03/2014 08:22:18

Undoubtedly, for children, toys play a significant role in their life. Parents always have difficulty in buying toys for kids. Sometimes, the toy parents buy for kids cannot win their affection. In my view, there are two factors that you should take into account when you select a toy for kids.

On the one hand, you have to consider that whether the toy you buy is fun for kids to play with or not. Parents always hold the view that educational toys which are beneficial for children’s intellectual development is appropriate for children to play with. I can not deny this sentence. However, the educational meaning of a toy is of great importance, but the fun of one toy is significant as well. In general, children are unlikely to show their interest in a boring toy just with educational function.

On the other hand, you ought to think that whether the toy you buy is convenient for kids to play with or not. [Mod: Please no commercial links in your first post]

In conclusion, children’s interest and toys’ convenience are crucial factors when picking out a toy. Therefore, when you plan to buy a toy gift for your child, you might as well take the two aspects into consideration, then maybe you can make the right option.
Title: Re: How to Buy Toys for Kids?
Post by: CliffordK on 10/05/2014 01:22:28
I thought I had replied to this earlier.

Children, of course, enjoy toys.  However, some of the most meaningful gifts go beyond being just a toy, and not all toys have to come from the store.

My brother made a beautiful oak rocking horse for his children which is more like a piece of furniture than a toy, but still very functional. 

One year, I decided to pre-cut all the pieces to build a birdhouse with my nephew.  Then, the day after Christmas, we got out all of the power tools, and took about 15 minutes to assemble it.  And, that provides a few memorable moments for him.

More of my art work has been given to family members over the years than I have kept for myself.
Title: Re: How to Buy Toys for Kids?
Post by: alancalverd on 10/05/2014 01:57:07
Proper tools, with solid bashing faces and sharp cutting edges, are the best toys. Wood is the most educational material there is. The trick is to blunt the points of the nails so the wood doesn't split, and teach kids how to hold tools properly. Moving from cutting and nailing to drilling and planing can be very frustrating for little people who haven't quite coordinated both hands, but sawing and nailing are terrific fun and vital skills in later life. Problem is that, having built a rabbit hutch or dog kennel, the kid will want to put an animal in it. My advice (based on may years and kids) is to go for the dog kennel.

Then move on to the ukulele.   
Title: Re: How to Buy Toys for Kids?
Post by: Don_1 on 10/05/2014 11:37:28

......... My advice (based on may years and kids) is to go for the dog kennel.

Then move on to the ukulele.   

My advice would be to go for a Wendy house, then move in the kids!!!! ( (
Title: Re: How to Buy Toys for Kids?
Post by: KayEhm on 11/02/2015 22:36:17
Fun and educational. It sounds harder than it seems. The truth is almost anything can be educational depending on how and what it's used for, and making sure it's "fun" just depends on how well you know your kids. Not everything has to be language or math-based to be educational, and not everything has to be shallow or silly to be fun. Tailor the toys to what's needed in a way that the child will be receptive. For example, my son is very artistic, but struggles with math and science. So, we bought him a kinetic spring toy ( It utilizes his love for dance and magic, in order to get him to play with it, and the end result is a cognitive base-level learning of physics and optical illusions. Think outside of the toybox people! ;)