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Title: Why wont my computer configure updates? The solution.
Post by: Don_1 on 28/03/2014 11:54:21
With thanks to RD for his putting me on the right road to solving this problem.

Updating Windows 8


After downloading updates, Windows needs to restart to configure the updates.

Upon restart, the message 'Configuring Windows updates' appears on the screen followed by the progress and the obligatory 'Do not turn off your computer'.

The re-configuration reaches 15%, at which point, the on-screen message changes to 'Failure to configure Windows updates' and it then 'retries' the process.

Again, at 15% the message changes to 'Failure to configure Windows updates, reverting to previous settings' and the system restarts in the previous configuration.

This process would be repeated on any attempt to restart the computer.

Attempts to restore the computer to a date previous to the download of the updates fails, as does any attempt to upgrade to Windows 8.1

Go to the control panel, click on 'Windows update' then select 'update history' and the updates show as 'failed' to install.

All these problems seem to originate from the same source.


These problems appear to be the result of 3rd party services which start when the computer is turned on, ie. programmes in the start up system. This may be "Nalpeiron Licensing Service" or some other such programme.


Windows update troubleshooter did identify and fix two problems, but neither seemed to be the solution. In fact, after using the troubleshooter and restarting the computer, the troubleshooter again identified the same problems. So I presume that the problems with the update also cause a problem with the troubleshooter's fix.

One problem which the troubleshooter identified, it could not fix.

There are many downloadable programmes which claim to resolve problems with Windows. These will scan your computer, identify problems and, usually, fix a few. To fix all the problems found, you will need to buy the full version of the programme. This will cost around US $20 - $30. I can tell you now, they will not fix this problem. Of the two I tried (and demanded & got refunds), one simply said it was a Microsoft Windows problem which I would have to deal with myself and the other just skirted around the problem leaving it, and its consequences, in place.

After searching the internet and trying all manner of fixes. Pressing various buttons, clicking on this, that and the other. Throwing various items around the room and a liberal hurling of what can only be described as 'good old Anglo Saxon expletives' at the computer to no avail, RD (what fine upstanding chap he is) pointed me in the direction of a solution.

If you are as big a numbskull as me when it comes to computers, you might want to print these simple steps to fixing your problem.


First, close all open windows and your browser. You should now be on your Start Screen.

Press and hold the Windows button on your keyboard. (Usually bottom left 3rd in) and press "R"

A popup box appears on your screen. Type into the box "MSCONFIG.EXE" and hit enter (return)

MSCONFIG will now run. On the window select the 'Services' tab.

At the bottom of this window check the 'Hide all Microsoft' box then click on 'Disable all'.

Your computer will now need to restart. At first, it may, once again, try to configure those pesky Windows updates. It will fail as it has done before. Upon restarting, however, the disabled 3rd party services will not start and the configuration will begin again. But this time, it will succeed in configuring the updates.

Once the updates have been successfully installed on your computer, you will need to re-enable those 3rd party services.

Again, with all windows and browsers closed, from your start screen, press & hold the 'Windows' button and press "R".

Type "MSCONFIG.EXE" in the box and hit enter.

In the MSCONFIG window, select the 'Services' tab. Uncheck the 'Hide all Microsoft' box (if necessary) and then click on 'Enable all'. (NOTE: You will not be able to download further updates or upgrade to Windows 8.1 until you have re-enabled these services.)

Return to your Start Screen and Voila, sacre Bleu und mercy be! Yjou haff sol ved jour pchrobleem!!!

I suggest the first thing you do now is to upgrade to Windows 8.1, it may take a while, but it should ensure that you never have such problems again.