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Title: Circasepian Rhythms.
Post by: Jimbee on 13/07/2014 03:21:29
I have this theory of my own, that I have had for some time now. I call it "circasepian rhythms" (more on how I named it later).

Anyways, my theory is based partly on the idea of circadian rhythms--but with a unique twist. A cultural twist, in fact.

It just seems to me, that there are some important innate human rhythms, that are not based on seasonal or already establish biological patterns, but ones that are unique to each culture. Somehow, it seems to me, your body detects these cultural rhythms, and then incorporates it into your body.

This is esp. true, I have found, with the weekly schedule and rhythm, in western culture. I know I have heard many people say, that although it is a weekend, it just doesn't "feel" like a weekend for some reason (typically a change in schedule).

That actually is where I got the name. I looked up "week" in my classical Latin dictionary. And the classical name, at least, was "septem dies". Septem Dies is rather long. So I just shortened it to "circasepian".

So what do the rest of you think about my biological theory?