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Title: Cell ageing
Post by: olowomeye on 04/12/2003 20:36:56
Please am a new person on this website and my username is olowomeye please I will like to ask you that what is Cell Ageing.Thanks[?]

Title: Re: Cell ageing
Post by: chris on 04/12/2003 21:36:26
It helps if you post your question in the relevant part of the site - this question about cell ageing ought to go in the the medicine and human biology section.

Also, if you do a 'search' through posts already on the forum (top right of the screen) you'll find several results that are identical to what you want to know - we were talking about this very topic about 3 days ago.

Anyway to get you started, why not check out Steve Jacksons page on genetic ageing at

and listen to his interview on the show last week at (click the real player icon at the top right)


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