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Title: Is any cell really alive
Post by: atbb on 23/09/2006 20:36:07
     What if any cell or even a simpler form as a virus where not alive at all. That these cells made up of carbons, sugars and other inert elements could be like a car. The car is not alive but moves and does a job. Just imagine if the real life force was, say in the DNA but up to now undetected. In you every cell would have an hidden life form. Every brain cell would have one and collectively make up the real you. Anyway that is what I believe and have tried to put it all down in my meaning of life.
Russian molecular biologists, Dr Pjotr P. Garjajev and Dr Vladimir Poponin have found DNA as mysterious resonance. What's more this resonance continues to manifest even when the DNA has been physically removed. This phenomenon has been called the DNA Phantom Effect. It is achieved by beaming laser light through the DNA sample onto a screen behind. A certain wave pattern appears on the screen caused by the resonance in the DNA, and when the DNA sample is removed the wave pattern remains on the screen as if the sample is still there.
This now makes me feel sure I am on to something but no doubt you will say it should be in a sci-fi book.
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Title: Re: Is any cell really alive
Post by: MayoFlyFarmer on 05/10/2006 06:01:03
i guess its all a matter of what you define "life" as.  the theories are that life satred as basically short random sequences of RNA floating naked in some primortial soup and evolved from there.  i once heard someone define life as an anti-entropic force.  interesting things to think about though.

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Title: Is any cell really alive
Post by: tony6789 on 07/02/2007 18:24:36
life is where u can wake up in the morning and then break ur clock cause it woke u up
Title: Is any cell really alive
Post by: DrN on 07/02/2007 21:21:14
I think there is a difference between life and consciousness. Life is loosely described as something that exists for a purpose, mainly to replicate, but also has behaviour to extend its survival e.g. to find food, water, shelter, light etc. a piece of rock, or a lump of carbon doesn't replicate, but organisms that consist of carbon, nitrogen, oxygen, hydrogen etc can do so.

we can do these things, but have something extra, that viruses and bacteria (and some would disagree - plants) do not. I think that would come under the umbrella of consciousness.

it is argued that there is a hidden life form in every mammalian cell - mitochondria and chloroplasts are thought to have arisen from symbiosis between eukaryote and prokaryote cells at some point in the distant past. certainly mitochondria - and I think chloroplasts - have their own DNA, in plasmid form, as bacteria do today.
Title: Is any cell really alive
Post by: nith2k6 on 07/02/2007 22:32:12
Every cell is alive and that groups together to a whole individual organism. Organization of atomic molecules in the cells, all essential nutrients, DNA, RNA, etc,. controlled by the brain. All cells in the body are composed of these basic atomic elements like hydrogen, carbon, etc. So every cell is alive and everyone is alive until the death of the last cell in the body. You may notice that, certain organs in the body of human (kidney, eyes) can be used for transformation and other medical operations even a person is considered to be death. So, i think the person is fully dead at the death of the last cell.. This will be crazy if you think, but for me that's a logic. [???]