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Title: Can an AI construct act as a legal final will & testament?
Post by: Expectant_Philosopher on 24/02/2015 17:23:29
Can an Artificial Intelligence construct act as a legal Final Will and Testament for an individual?  The actual text of the will would not be discoverable without allowing the AI construct, perhaps represented by an avatar or recreated individual persona, to run through its programming.  All the words the individual would want to say to his/her heirs would be stored in a dictionary with pointers.  The programming in the AI construct would reassemble the context based on intended messages by the deceased.  Heirs would access the information by asking the AI questions.  Everything from the person's life could be revealed to heirs upon demand, both a memoir and a final statement.  The actual significance of decisions of the deceased could be programmed into the AI construct, so courts would be clear as to intent.