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Title: "liber al" / "book of the law" puzzle
Post by: kranwan on 09/07/2015 20:29:23
does anyone know this puzzle and has seen a solution like the following before: [content removed]

i will not try defend the puzzles ideological background nor comment on aleister crowley himself, i'd like to treat it AS IF IT WERE an actual (mathematical) puzzle. the original riddle as found in the "liber al vel legis" (or "book of the law"), respectively as traditionally multiplied (4638ABK24ALGMOR3YX2489RPSTOVAL) is "translated" into letters only, then into numbers only. i think the most important step is this "double conversion". it brings up the question of how to treat the number 24 (as either the letter X or the letters B and D), and then the question of how to reunite the number- and letter part which are split at first.

this is mostly (if not only) for people who know the puzzle already. again, this is the "puzzle" i'm talking about: 4638ABK24ALGMOR3YX2489RPSTOVAL
Title: Re: "liber al" / "book of the law" puzzle - ever seen this before?
Post by: Beer w/Straw on 11/07/2015 12:00:50
If you are genuinely interested in the gematria/numerology stuff, maybe you could change your approach ie your pictures. Also, this is the third science/math forum you've posted on so why should expect a different response this time either? As I've seen suggested, you should find a different audience.