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Title: Do street lights really keep us safe?
Post by: thedoc on 05/08/2015 10:22:35
Research implies street lights can come off with no increase
in crimes
or crashes.
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Title: Re: Do street lights really keep us safe?
Post by: zahidahsaleema on 06/08/2019 12:57:20
street lights really keep us safe spam provides subsidized rates to individuals and community groups working to provide safe, sustainable lighting to those in need
Title: Re: Do street lights really keep us safe?
Post by: Hayseed on 16/10/2019 15:01:43
Absolutely. Light frames and constrains thought and behavior.  And thought and behavior are getting worse.  Even our rural houses and farms now put up pole night lights.

We could sensor control them, which would be even more effective.  One could watch them coming and going.
Title: Re: Do street lights really keep us safe?
Post by: alancalverd on 28/10/2019 18:20:48
When the council installed lights on a rural bus lane adjacent to my house, it became the meeting point for drug dealers, prostitutes and drunken teenagers. So they switched the lights off.

In fog, roadside lights seriously reduce vehicle conspicuity by adding nearby bright scattered radiation to what little signal penetrates from the distant vehicles' lights. They do however make life easier for the fire and ambulance crews once all the traffic has collided and come to a halt.

Even traffic lights can be counterintuitive. I worked in a laboratory whose gates were about a mile from a crossroad junction. If the lights were working, there would be a tailback past the gates at 5.30 every night and an accident about once a week when two cars moved on a yellow light. If the lights weren't working (which was about 30% of the time!) the traffic flowed smoothly because people used their brains to filter through the junction.
Title: Re: Do street lights really keep us safe?
Post by: syhprum on 28/10/2019 21:03:32
I used to notice that when traffic signals failed and the control of the traffic was taken over by a police officer the traffic moved much more slowly because drivers were much more scared of the police and did not use their common sense in relation to the traffic lights.
Unfortunately all the traffic signals are now supplemented by TV cameras and traffic moves slower than ever.