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Title: Can cannabis oil cure cancer?
Post by: thedoc on 16/02/2016 12:50:01
Anonymous asked the Naked Scientists:
   I have just read of cannabis oil that cures cancer.  That there are trials by cancer research.  Can you please help me.  I have a sister who is 44 years old who has a diffused brain Tumor.  The doctor at Christmas has given her 6 mths to a year.  We are trying everything we can to reverse the Tumor by change of diet and exercise.  My sister Nina is a deputy head at a primary school and has a 9 year son.  If there are any trials could she please take part. She has done so much for so many. The only thing she asks for is to see her son get through school and one day get married.  We are not giving up.
What do you think?
Title: Re: Can cannabis oil cure cancer?
Post by: tkadm30 on 16/02/2016 13:22:51
For info on anticancer effect of cannabinoids, see :
Title: Re: Can cannabis oil cure cancer?
Post by: Dave Morris on 23/02/2016 13:57:08
The scientist try different remedies today. Some of them are confirmed, some not. Not sure, but I think cannabis is still confusing in terms of curing cancer. Anyway, traditional cancer treatments include radiation and chemotherapy. If the brain cancer or tumor is easily accessible, surgery may also be an option. The goal of brain surgery is to attempt to remove as much of the tumor as possible without causing damage to surrounding brain tissues. Individuals who undergo brain surgery, where more than 90% of the tumor is removed, often experience a greater prognosis and those who don't.