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Title: Functioning of our solar system
Post by: pasala on 28/02/2016 17:04:40

Our solar system was much more bigger than what it was today.  Due to various reasons it started sinking and it is in its present position what we see  today. Of course this is not permanent and it may sink in future.  I also accept big bang as starting point for the creation of our Solar system also.

When two masses of huge in size collided each other, devastating fire started. These two masses were divided into small pieces and fire started against almost all the planets.  Due to destruction of cells energy that was packed within the cells was freed.  This energy freed started spreading wide area. When compared to other planets sun consisted
of light cells and therefore huge explosions took place on sun.  Due to burning planets have lost most of their weight.  Almost all the planets released energy into open area. When they started cooling and energy released by them is lesser than what it was in the solar system, climate developed against them.

Energy started moving to farther areas.  It is true that energy moves from excess areas to short areas.  It started developing its boundary.  This boundary again depends on the amount of excess energy released by planets.  As long as there is surplus energy from planets, this boundary line stretches forward.  Here we have to remember one important point that a part of the energy will be moving out of our solar system.  Here if the energy gained by the solar system is more than it lost than it will expand.  In case if the energy lost is more than gain than it will slowly shrinks. 

As long as the planets were burning huge amount of energy was released into the open area and When it started cooling it went into the grip of energy in the open area.  Let us take earth as an example. In the initial stages earth was also a ball of fire only.  It released lot of energy into the open area. When the energy released by it is lesser than outside
energy, energy in the open area started moving towards earth.  This helped in the development of climate.  It is true that energy is of object oriented and therefore it led to huge concentration of energy against earth.  Huge hydrosphere on the earth developed into first line of defense for earth. 

In fact excess energy in the universe and energy released by earth, since it is still burning deep inside helped in the creation of "ENERGY BASE" on the earth.  This Energy base plays key role in the development of nature on the earth.

At present we are of the opinion that energy released by sun is spreading throught our solar system.  This is not at all correct.  Initially all the planets have released lot of energy into the solar system and it helped in the development of "energy base" in the solar system. This base is of permanent and energy released from sun is also addition to the existing
energy.  In fact sun has no capacity to create so much of energy.  Invariably one must accept that sun is the only planet shelling huge amount of energy into the open area. See, we are able to see sun means surplus energy is moving into the solar system.  Here important point
is that Energy released by sun is only substituting loss of energy and it has no capacity to create "ENERGY BASE" in the universe.

Well it is true that energy is of object oriented and for this energy planets are huge objects and there is heavy concentration of energy against these planets.  Let us take our earth, there is "energy base" on this earth and for this base earth is an important object. There is
thick ozone layer concentration against earth. For the energy base in our solar system this ozone layer is an important object and therefore there is heavy concentration of energy against it.

As long as planet was burning it lost most of its weight and when it started cooling, energy in the open area started concentrating against the planet and this resulted in loss of weight.

It is true that our universe is moving to an unknown place.  Due to this there is movement in the energy and it resulted in the rotation of planet like a shift in the motor.

Almost all the planets are burning deep inside and are releasing lot of energy into the open area.  Suppose if any planet is cooled completely, climate against that planet is destroyed permanently.  Energy from sun hits the planet directly and force is developed. On one side of the planet pressure from sun rays and on the other side complete shadow/dark
area and the planet gains weight.  Slowly it moves away from our  solar system and it is known as death of planet.