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Title: how temperature rise on earth
Post by: pasala on 05/06/2016 16:13:56
                                  HOW TEMPERATURE RISE ON EARTH

Well in recent times temperature is rising in Indian sub-continent.  People are moving in search
of Hill areas.  Here it is wonder to see, up to certain height of the hill it is as usual hot only.
Thereafter cold winds start touching our body. 

Here it is interesting to see, why sun is not following natural principle.  Suppose if firewood is
attached to fire, than at the centre it will be hot, if you start moving farther and farther heat
gets weaker and weaker.  Here the thing is otherwise if we move upward, temperature is getting down and if we move downward position, it is raising.

Here we have to note one important point that things are not happening in what we are viewing or seeing them. This is the key point to be studied carefully.  Suppose let us think that sun energy alone is raising temperature on the earth.  Most of the energy coming from sun is filtered by ozone layer. Only small amount of energy is coming into our climate. Suppose if there is no climate on earth than sun rays hits earth directly. Temperature will raise more than 240 degrees during day time and falls to -240 degrees during night time.  In the absence of other things energy from sun will follow natural principle only.  But here difference climate and things are present which changes/effects so many things.

At present we are of the opinion that sun alone is responsible for the total energy present in the
universe and also for creating, raising energy on our earth.  But it is not at all correct.  Energy
coming from sun is very limited and it is just supplementing/supporting already existing energy.
Here I would like to tell one simple incident that happened in my early life.  At that time we were
having tiles house.  Total house is just one hall only, on one side it is kitchen, on the other side it
is dining, and on the other side it is bed room.  This incident happened in the cold winter season, January month. That night, severe cold winds started entering the house from all sides. I could not get sleep upto midnight. Seeing at my suffering father called on me, to come near to him.  Father was sleeping near to the kitchen and when i went there it was different climate, hot and wet.  When asked father replied, firewood used for cooking is still burning.  But I could not find any fire, moved ashes and found red colour charcoal.  Actually i did not slept that night, when i placed my hand at the border, severe cold winds were touching on one side and  on the other side it was hot and wet climate.

Here food was cooked in the evening and no firewood was used to raise temperature. 
01 Actually at the time of cooking itself certain amount of energy was released into the open area.
02 This energy started grouping/concentrating upto certain area. 
03 Small amount of energy released from ashes started supporting existing energy.

When compared to Sun:
01  Actually sun is also fire in the ashes only. 
02  Burning of firewood was already done in the form of Big Bang.
03  Lot of energy started grouping/concentrating throught the universe.
04  Small amount of energy released by sun is simply supplementing the loss.
05  When electrons are released from Sun, pushes existing energy rays in the open area.
06  These energy rays gets charged.
07  Here we have to remember one important point that total energy ray is not created afresh.
08  Total universe is not empty.
09  If it is so means, energy released from sun, initially start grouping/concentrating upto certain
    and later move to other areas.
10  If this process is to be continued means more number of Suns are required.

01  Our earth is also like fire in the ashes only.
02  It is also still burning deep inside.
03  It is releasing lot of energy into open area.
04  But when compared to sun, energy released by earth is very, very limited.
05  Once it also shed lot of energy, and it is cooling slowly.
06  Luckily our earth got more hydrosphere when compared to other planets and climate developed.
07  When earth started burning, huge amount of energy started grouping/concentrating against earth.
08  Hydrosphere started moving upward direction and formed as a layer.
09  For any reason if the energy base weakens, hydrosphere comes down to the earth and it is winter.
10  And if it gets strengh, hydrosphere moves up and it is summer.
11  Both Energy base and hydrosphere tries to exist in the form of group/concentration and moves to one  part of the earth to other part.
12  This energy base on this earth is supported by energy released by earth and energy coming from sun.

During summer season, earth tilt towards sun and small amount of extra energy enters our climate.
Energy pressure increases and hydrosphere weakens and moves in upward direction and other areas.  Actually Energy is of object oriented and it start concentrating against earth and therefore if we move upward directions it weakens.

Friends, this is exactly what is happening.  What ever that is happening or appearing before our eyes is not at all correct.


Title: Re: how temperature rise on earth
Post by: Earthchild on 09/06/2016 08:14:50
Have you studied and identified the present theories of the earth's energy/heat production  as well as energy gains that we get from the sun?  It would be useful to compare the current theories predictions of what heat is produced here, as well as gained from the sun, to any proposed alternative.

I got lost in your anecdote of your father's discussion, wanting to focus on the main thrust of your proposal.  It's probably worth while using some quantified data,  so that we could compare ingress of heat and earth's produced heat/energy, in your proposal to the currently accepted predictions.

You mention it getting colder at higher altitudes, which is the opposite of what you'd expect.  I think that this is due to the decreases in pressure that occurs at higher elevations and thus it is what science would predict - and you won't find your body cooking at the top of Mount Everest, for this reason.  I'm not an atmospheric scientist, nor have I trained in associated areas, merely aiming to pass along what I think are the basics behind the processes involved.

Title: Re: how temperature rise on earth
Post by: pasala on 11/06/2016 05:24:49
Mr Earth child,
Thank you very much for sharing your ideas.  At present some of the basic theories, in my view are developed with
wrong notion/idea, which lead to different direction.  Let us suppose, there is one route to reach London city, and we
are of the opinion that this is the main route.  In case if anybody says that there is another route, which is best and
saves energy, people wont accept it that much easily.  Similar thing is happening in my case also.  For the past 10 years
i have been sending these theories to different universities, but in vain. 

Later to prove them, i had decided to go for practical experiments on 'production and distribution of electricity without
loss'.  I had gave it to one of my friend, who tried to cheat me, which worried me a lot.  So i had decided to place my
ideas in the open forum.

Actually i read and having knowledge about energy released by earth, but it is impossible to compare to this theory
and therefore i had presented my own idea.

Thank you,