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Title: An apology - BUT...
Post by: JimBob on 17/07/2016 04:40:48
As an American, I feel a bit chagrined that we, as a people, have avoided a fate that has befallen the British populous. Our deepest condolences and sympathies.

I speak of the regrettable circumstance that you have been given the johnson -  Boris Johnson. We Americans are mainly unaware that B.J. - those ARE his initials) Boris - is originally a New Yorker. I know, I know, his parents are British citizens. But we US citizens are mostly unaware of this "unfortunate" circumstances. He is a US citizen by birth. (All innuendo is pure coincidence.)

My deepest condolences?

P.S. Our condolences and regrets DO NOT mean we will take him back under ANY conditions. He's your problem now, you  denizens of the British Isles and the three Crown dependencies.
Title: Re: An apology - BUT...
Post by: jeffreyH on 17/07/2016 11:23:37
I never thought I'd say this but I must defend Boris. People think they know Boris Johnson and think of him as a buffoon.  Give him 6 months as foreign scretary and then make a judgement.