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Title: Idea for an infinite gyroscope drive.
Post by: ChrisBieniek7 on 18/07/2016 04:31:30
This is the right place for my question. If the apparent mass of an object is close to zero, can it travel close to the speed of light.?

Let's design and build an Infinite Gyroscope.
A wheel on magnetic or gravity bearings, with super conducting magnets at the outter rim spinning close to the speed of light. As we change the flux density of the hyper-accelerated magnets, a field is developed around the wheel, and the space ship, which reduces the mass close to that of a photon.
The wheel has to be encased in a vacuum shell, no friction, and have a brushless motor along the outter shell with pole switching at the speed of light.
One set of field coils drive the motor/wheel and the other would change the flux density of the magnets to adjust the mass field. Changing the flux of the magnets might pose a problem. The magnets have to be permanent magnets on the wheel. There will be no brushes or wire coils on the internal wheel.

I have more on this subject, but this was just an idea. I need a consortium of people to build and test it.

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