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Title: View on particle detection
Post by: William McC on 28/08/2016 05:32:34
One atom of electricity, is not going to register in your eye, a sensor, or on anything else. It takes an infinite number of particles of electricity (light) to create or relay an effect.
Individual subatomic particles are being detected all the time:

That would be comical if we were not so arrogant and missing the boat when identifying reality from crazy dreams.

The modern scientist does not understand infinite.
Passing by a single atom in a fraction of a fraction of a second, there are an infinite number of particles of electricity creating, stabilizing the atom, and then carrying information about the atom it just contacted onward. Information about location, distance to the next atom in its vicinity, the temperature, the light present, x-rays present, you name it that one single particles velocity carries information about where it has been. However one particle is worthless. The reality is a weighted average of an infinite number of particles passing by that single atom. As I stated it takes an infinite number of particles to bring your eye up to a point it can sense light from the smallest aperture that is practical to transmit light.

The lie is so apparent most are afraid to call the liar out, because he is either very sick (insane) or some kind of sober serial killer, with the backing of almost all governments on earth. Which the governments if push comes to shove will blame you the citizen because they said they were going to miseducate you, your children and everyone else. The real world is a mean rugged place if you have the stomach for it. Demonstrate one particle bringing you a picture. Demonstrate one particle being picked out of an infinite number of particles. When that seems insane you are on the right path.

The smallest micro chip on earth is barbaric in structure and texture, to the atoms size.

We know that all matter elements, in pure form are bonded by a siamese bond to themselves. Yet that bond cannot be viewed by an electron microscope. That is because the electron microscope as I have mentioned needs an infinite number of particles to register an image to the electron microscope. So although they get images of a tiddy looking structure, from say gold, they are not even seeing a single atom. They are seeing a pattern created by the structure of the substance under the electron microscope, created by an infinite number or particles of electricity passing through it. But they are not seeing the atom. We reached the maximum we will ever be able to perceive of the atomic world back in the sixties. The best laid it to rest, by stating "We will never be able to see it. And no instrument will ever record it." They were not slow or stupid, they were highly accurate and not chasing fairy dust.

Those looking for papers and approval from houses of counterintelligence bought and paid for by a known corrupt government which of course is not science, are chasing fairy dust. Science, reality is in your garage basement or apartment for observation.


William McCormick