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Title: Am I more than my selfish evolutionary biological instincts?
Post by: charys on 01/10/2016 00:21:44

This is a very complicated question thats been posed to me by a friend who is genuinely disappearing into something of tunnel with regards to physics, biology, and philosophy. He is a very intelligent man who has anxiety problems so Id appreciate some kindness in your answers as I want to find some sort of scientific argument to counteract him and make him feel better but I don't have the expertise.

I understand that evolution fights for survival of the fittest, it is in some ways quite selfish. Even the need to help others comes from a learned behaviour that co-operation makes for better survival. If empathy and goodness are selfish evolutionary instincts, does anyone have an argument for people being essentially good? That we're more than just 'slaves' to biological urges? I always thought that consciousness proved that life is a miraculous wonder but I don't understand it well enough to really counter my friend's genuine worries. This question would normally go to some sort of religious leader- but in the absence of belief I turn to the science community. Sorry I couldn't be more concise :)