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Title: Multiversal Expansion Theory
Post by: guest43520 on 12/03/2017 17:36:15
[size=0pt]The Multiversal Expansion Theory[/size]         
I would like to start off by stating Einstein's theory, which says the Universe is expanding. As per that a lot of scientists, physicists and mathematicians have predicted that after billions and trillions of years galaxies will be so far away, that any sort to communication or interaction will be impossible. I have now used that information to predict something AMAZING!!!
In my theory called thHEWe "Multiversal Expansion Theory" I state the facts
1.      The "Multiverse" Theory is true
2.      A long time ago, we could go to other universes (if we could travel at light speed)
3.      There were groups of universes (universe clusters) like galaxy clusters
                                              1.         The universe clusters were bound together with gravity which got took over by dark energy
If there is anyone who has scientific knowledge please let me know if this is possible!
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