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Title: Neuroqore wants to speak to me about my human memory erasing machine idea.
Post by: Nicholas Lee on 15/03/2017 21:18:38
I finally built it, Neuroqore want to meet with me to talk about building a modified gamma knife machine.
Can you look at my idea for the worlds first human memory erasing machine in the Quora link below, and tell me what you think of the idea.
The idea is in my profile page on Quora, when in my profile page click (more) to see the whole idea with diagrams.
I cannot paste the text, and diagrams in this description box because there is too much text, and pictures, it exceeds 20,000 characters limit.
Please, please let me know what you think of this idea, your reply can be as little as a few words.
The link to the idea is here below.